motivation is what gets you started.

habit is what keeps you going.

Muscle building

Muscles can only work when the body is in motion. You can’t grow your muscles by doing nothing. Muscles are often toned by regular activities like brisk walking, jogging, and doing other slightly heavy works. But just toning muscles won’t make them grow in size and wonder. If you would like muscle growth and power, you want to work your body methodically.


Before choosing the type of exercise routine that you want to follow, it’s important to think about certain factors. These include your stress levels, emotional levels, lifestyle, eating habits, and metabolism. Whether you’re just getting started or building up to a high level of activity, it’s essential to line up goals and stick to a plan.

food & supplements

If you think that drinking a shake or taking a couple of pills will all of a sudden cause you to have huge muscles, then think again!
No supplement can help you if you’re not training and dieting correctly. However, supplements add a component of convenience by providing you with the required nutrients you need every day. They can also help you to increase strength and decrease recovery time.

The Science Of Muscle Building

Bodybuilding involves more than just lifting weights. It pays to have an understanding of human kinetics. How do muscles work? Muscles develop by making them work. Muscles can only work when the body is in motion. They work...

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Workouts You Can Do at Your Workplace

In these days of hectic work schedules, work related health problems such as backaches, neck pain and weight gain are becoming increasingly common. These problems are more prone in women than in men. Sedentary lifestyle at a workplace is also linked to...

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Benefits and Side Effects of Ornithine

Ornithine is an amino acid that plays the lead in your urea cycle. It goes by many names like L-ornithine, L-aspartate, OA (used informally), and ornithine-aspartate (the formal version of OA). Your intelligence is fine even if all of these words seem tough to...

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Nutrition for Building Muscle

Many doctors recommend various workout routines to build muscles. However, just following muscle building routines will not help to grow muscles. If you are exercising hard but ignoring eating proper food, then it can damage the muscle tissues. Food containing...

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Workout Schedule for Women

Women suffer from bigger and more problems of obesity than men. Hence, they need to be more careful about their food habits and exercise regimes. Women, especially, have a tendency of putting on weight on their hips and thighs. Post-pregnancy fat especially becomes...

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How to Gain Lean Muscle

Every fitness freak wants to be fit as a fiddle and have a superb lean body. No doubt, it is a tricky situation, but not an impossible one. Getting lean muscles takes real sweat and not popping pills. In order to gain lean muscle, do not reduce your daily intake of...

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Force Factor Reviews

The market is plagued with all kinds of fitness equipment, supplements, and products that enhance weight loss. Besides weight loss, people are also desperately seeking new ways to keep themselves fit and build muscles. The eagerness to find the fastest way to build...

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Muscle Building Supplements for Teenagers

I've been through this craze of bodybuilding when I was a teenager. I wanted to build muscles overnight and become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fortunately, I did not fall prey to those scam products, like many teens do. Many natural and chemical supplements for...

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Hey! I'm Jason, welcome to my blog.

When I first started training, I was super lanky. Around 135lbs @ 6ft. I was in college, lived a sedentary lifestyle, and really didn't eat much.

I'd been in and out of the gym for years until I was watching the Olympics back in 2012. That's what motivated me to get up and stay constant, and now bodybuilding has become an addiction!

Getting close to 5 years of training. My goal now is to keep it up to become the best possible version of myself. I enjoy training and helping others achieve their goals as well.

I like working out and healthy-stuff (duh!), guitar, graphic design, video games, Netflix, and muscles!

This site is dedicated to offering those who are looking to put on some muscle, the best possible tips for bodybuilding.

Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Keep grinding!