Build the Best Muscle Building Workout


There are many benefits to building muscle that goes above getting in great shape; there is endless good to resistance training. Whether your goal is to get more power or to get a ripped aesthetic physique, there are fundamental movements that you should concentrate your gym activity around to get results.

The main priority for anyone seeking to put quality muscle mass onto their frame is to design a workout schedule that works. There is a broad spectrum of workouts available, but selecting the one that best serves your requirements is essential.

Want to skip straight to a sample workout?

It’s also essential to understand factors that accumulate lean muscle mass. A workout program that takes such principles into consideration will often than not be more promising than one that doesn’t.

Define your workout goals first

The foremost thing that you must consider when picking a workout routine is defining your fitness goal and devising a workout plan that is most likely to support and help you achieve your desired objective.

Choosing a workout isn’t the only thing you should be focusing on since your diet is also crucial and should be established to support and complete your physical activity.

You must remember that your health comes first, no matter how ambitious your goals are. It’s recommended to consult a professional healthcare provider to do a regular checkup before engaging in a new lifestyle plan, whether a fat loss regime or muscle mass gaining program.

Different fitness goals

There are primarily 5 workout goals, as below :

  • Fat loss
  • Losing muscle (Hypertrophy)
  • Adding more muscle
  • Getting stronger
  • Obtaining an aesthetic physique

Best Muscle Building Workouts for legs

Leg day is definitely no joke and scares away even the loudest gym fanatics, but neglecting your legs at the gym deprives the body of making impressive muscle gains. Training legs boosts testosterone which promotes muscle enhancement and increased calorie burn. It also serves nothing to look like Samson upstairs with chicken legs occupying the lower part of your body.

To educate you on the blessings and the fun of exercising your leg muscles, we gathered a list of the best leg workouts. We will also dive into the advantages of leg training, how to train them, and more.

Front Squat

The front squat is an enormous alternative to the standard rear squat. Assuming the barbell back squat deteriorates your lower back, or in case you suffer from shoulder impairment. In this case, the front squat may be the perfect exercise. Because you maintain the barbell in front of you, this squat variation engages more of the upper back and torso muscles — deviating the weight from the rear to the front.

Benefits of the Front Squat

  • The front squat is much easier on the back for some lifters with a history of back issues.
  • The front squat variation recruits more leg muscles. It reinforces the upper back muscles, which can help to improve your posture.
  • This exercise does not encourage athletes to load too much weight on the barbell, shifting their mindset to focus more on the technique instead of ego lifting.

The Bulgarian Split Squat exercise

This movement elevates your shank on a bench, creates fluctuation, and improves the workout’s range of motion. The Bulgarian split squat’s instability compels you to keep your balance. The movement recruits the stabilizing muscles in your hips and quads. This exercise enhances your mobility and the incredible tension placed on the glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

Benefits of the Bulgarian Split Squat

  • An expanded range of motion for better mobility and more muscle engagement.
  • The single-sided setup helps for more muscle coordination and improves overall body balance.
  • The Bulgarian split squat is unlike other stable movements, so it engages a variety of smaller stabilizing muscles.

The Leg Press

The leg press doesn’t require you to load your torso with weight, making the movement easier and more driving force. You can pack more weight than most leg movements for this particular exercise. This aspect makes the leg press a splendid exercise to grow bigger and stronger thighs. It’s also much safer because you can rack the sled by turning the handles in and out. You can also quickly load and unload the leg press much faster, making it easier to perform drop sets.

Benefits of the Leg Press exercise

  • You can press heavier weights without hurting your back.
  • The leg press allows you to complete a squat without the weight affecting your backbone.
  • This is an excellent exercise for high-rep sets and super sets.

The Romanian Deadlift exercise

The Romanian deadlift variation is almost similar to the traditional deadlift. You drop the barbell to mid-shin level by pushing your hips back while maintaining your body engaged with stress on your hamstrings and glutes. This exercise is considered to be one of the best leg exercise variations. It promotes muscle building, helps improve your deadlift strength, and reinforces your lower back, resulting in a lower risk of injury.

Advantages of the Romanian Deadlift

  • The Romanian deadlift is a good exercise for hamstrings development.
  • The Romanian deadlift propels your body to lift a lower weight with better control, reinforcing your hips and lower back.
  • This movement will improve your traditional deadlift power.
  • The slow and steady motion will help strengthen your hamstring muscles and overall strength.

Best workouts for chest

Having a big chest all year round has a significant effect on the physique, especially when wearing a cool t-shirt at work if you know what I mean. The pectoral muscles get a lot of attention, and it makes sense since they appear at the front, and people can instantly notice them.

To achieve an impressive inflated chest takes years of dedication in the gym. It’s also important to keep getting more robust to keep the gains coming for a great result. A person with a big chest certainly has incredible pushing strength, but we all know that it can’t be built overnight.

We’ve assembled a list of the 4 chest muscle-building workouts; these workouts can always be helpful whether you’re jacked or not. Below is the perfect combination of exercises that makes a great chest workout routine.

Flat Barbell Bench Press

This is a classic exercise and is one of the first movements people attempt at the gym. It’s certainly a convenient exercise because of how easy it can be executed. The flat barbell bench press can be performed by different people differently.

Elite powerlifters do it to increase their pressing strength or break competition records. Gym fanatics rely on it to pump up their pectoral muscles. At the same time, athletes employ the bench press to work on their explosive pushing power.

Benefits of the Flat Barbell Bench Press

  • It highly influences the results of powerlifting competitions since it’s one of the three lifts judged, along with the squat and deadlift.
  • The bench press engages chest muscles, triceps, and shoulders, making you look more attractive.
  • You can go heavy on the bench press instead of other chest exercise variations.

Incline Barbell Bench Press

The incline barbell bench press is a variation of the flat bench press; it is basically the same. The only difference is that the exercise is performed on an inclined instead of a flat bench. This exercise is a pressing exercise that engages the muscle fibers in the upper part of the chest. It works the shoulders as well.

Benefits of the Incline Barbell Bench Press

  • Targets the upper chest muscle fibers that a flat bench press or a regular push-up.
  • The incline bench press reinforces the deltoids, also.

Cable Chest Flyes

The chest flye can be performed using dumbells. Still, a cable machine is an excellent idea because it carries less risk of injury. This exercise is a famous bodybuilding movement to extend the muscle fibers and pump up the chest muscle full of blood, which helps to drive nutrient-rich blood to the chest, allowing for a faster recovery. Using dumbbells is also a good alternative. It can improve your body’s coordination ability as you’re pushed to stabilize each weight simultaneously.

Chest flyes benefits

  • The chest flye cable stretch puts beneficial stress on the chest’s muscle fibers, which efficiently pumps the pectoral muscles with nutrient-rich blood for a faster recovery.
  • It’s also a versatile movement that can be completed using dumbbells or a specific machine.

The Push-Up

The push-up is a great compound exercise. It is easier on the joints since it can be performed without loading yourself with extra weight. The push-up exercise is also relatively safe. Bodyweight exercises are also very convenient and can basically be performed anywhere (in your home, hotel, on the beach, etc…), making it a good feat, especially for people who accomplish high reps easily.

Advantages of the Push-Up exercise

  • The push-ups are a bodyweight exercise. Performing it won’t put your joints under the same stress as weighted movements.
  • Doing more push-ups can increase your pushing strength.

Back workout

It’s known among bodybuilders that competitions are won from the back. Well-developed back muscles can help stabilize your spine. When you exercise back muscles, you’ll automatically get better at pulling and twisting movements. It should also be noted that a muscular and more robust back will enable you to increase your deadlift and bench press personal record.

We will lay out 3 of the best back movements that you could pick from. The following are 3 of the best workouts.

  • Deadlift
  • Pull-Up
  • Bent-Over Row

The deadlift exercise

The deadlift is probably the most helpful compound exercises that you can do to strengthen and add muscle to the back. It also works the hips and hamstrings. It can emphasize the back using average to weighty loads.

Although the back muscles do not directly influence the deadlift’s range of motion, this movement is vital for preserving the spine healthier.

Benefits of the Deadlift

  • It works the back but also hamstrings, glutes, and hip muscles.
  • To stimulate significant power gains, you can pack the deadlift bar with a heavy weight once you get stronger.

The Pull-Up exercise

The pull-up is probably one of the less performed exercises at the gym. If you’re not doing a pull-up, you are surely missing out. It is a great compound bodyweight exercise that works the back muscles and recruits the abdominals, shoulders, triceps, and biceps. Pull-ups can also be performed in different variations to target different sub-sets of forces. It is used in most military fitness tests for a reason. Pull-ups can also make other back exercises a lot easier.

The good news are that you can employ resistance bands if you cannot perform a regular pull-up. You can also ask for assistance from a gym partner to make the pull easier on the way up.

Advantages of the Pull-Up exercise

  • You need nothing more than a pull-up bar to perform this exercise, which you can purchase for your home gym equipment or find at a beach, or nearby parks.
  • It is also a great compound exercise that engages more muscles in your core.

Bent-Over Rows

The bent-over row can be executed in different variations. Just one dumbell or kettlebell is enough to perform rows, but it’s primarily performed using a barbell at the gym.

Benefits of the Bent-Over Row

  • You can efficiently complete the bent-over row with different means, such as kettlebells and dumbbells.
  • You can train your muscles much more efficiently since you can move a lot of weight in the row position.

Arms workout

Having massive and well-defined arms allows for a more impressive physique. Performing arm workouts every session isn’t recommended – It’s essential to allow time between exercises to simulate muscle recuperation. To notice satisfactory progress with your arm exercises, you are required to build strength in other muscles. It’s also not so pleasing to look at an individual with arms that overshadow other body parts; muscle size, repartition balance, and aesthetics are everything.

Best biceps exercices

The barbell curl is a classic biceps exercice. It targets the biceps and can increase both bicep size and strength, primarily when performed in good form. A barbell makes it possible to lift more weight than other bicep curl variations since you’re using both hands. It’s also easy to accomplish. You need to merely load up a barbell, carry it in both hands, lift it up towards your chin, lower the barbell down, and repeat for reps.

Benefits of the Barbell Bicep Curl

  • It’s simple and effective and perfect for beginners. Even very advanced bodybuilders will benefit from the fundamental mechanics of the movement.
  • This exercise is good for building a more muscular bicep peak.


The chin-up is a bodyweight movement that can generate impressive muscle growth of the biceps and the back. To perform this workout, you will only need a pull-up bar. You can basically do the movement from the comfort of your home using a door pull-up bar. The chin-up puts more pressure on the bicep and delivers a better pump than a barbell curl. It’s essential to perform this exercise correctly. Otherwise, you’ll engage shoulder and grip muscles.

Overhead shoulder press

The overhead shoulder press strengthens all three deltoid heads. Suppose you seek to develop more significant, influential, and pumped shoulders. In that case, overhead pressing variations are recommended for size and strength since shoulder raises can only take you so far.

Benefits of the Overhead Press

  • All three deltoid muscles are engaged.
  • You can press heavier weight loads, which add promotes muscle growth.
  • This exercise will increase your bench press strength since both movements employ the same muscles.

Cable Lateral Raises

Cables aren’t necessary to perform lateral shoulder raises, but they are safer and more convenient for a beginner in bodybuilding. They are particularly effective for the lateral raise because of how well they maximize muscular fatigue. Lateral raises are very comfortable initially but highly stressful on the side shoulder muscles at the last sets.

Benefits of performing Lateral Raise

  • This exercise enormously promotes time under tension for more muscle and strength gains.
  • Cable lateral raises target the lateral deltoid much more effectively than other side shoulder exercises.

Triceps exercises

Dips are a tremendous muscle-building bodyweight exercise. The only concern with dips is that many people find it to perform reps within the ideal muscle-building repetition width of 8 to 12. If you can’t do dips, you can use the assisted dip machine or a resistance band for assistance. You can also add more weight if you are advanced.

Dips work both pectoral muscles and triceps. To target the triceps more, staying in a vertical position is better. It’s important to note that The more you lean forward, the more you engage the side chest muscles.

You can also do dips in different variations to target the triceps. The main dip exercises are Dip Variations for Triceps Growth: Triceps dip, Ring dip, Russian bar dip, and Banded dip.


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