Muscle Building Supplements for Women


Originally considered a boys’ thing, muscle building is fast catching up with today’s women who want to look as toned and fit as some of the muscle bearing female celebrities like Madonna and Gwen Stefanie. Bodybuilding is often undertaken by women to increase their strength and if they are skinny, to attain a certain size.

It is easier for men to build muscles compared to women as men have higher levels of “testosterone”, the hormone responsible for secondary male sexual characteristics. So, for women, in order to build muscles, an effective workout routine has to be combined with a diet which increases the levels of testosterone in the body. Along with this, opting for some of the most effective and beneficial bodybuilding supplements, aids in this process too. Below is a list of some of the safest muscle building supplements for women.

Vitamin B
Vitamin B supplements aid in proper metabolism of the fats, proteins and carbohydrates present in the body. Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, especially helps in building the muscles. Vitamin B6 helps in proper utilization of the carbohydrates while vitamin B2, also known as Riboflavin, aids in the production of energy in the body. They are also known to promote the health of the skin, eyes and hair.

Multivitamins provide the body with the required vitamins and minerals needed for various metabolic processes to take place. Even if the body is deficient in just one of the nutrients, it can impair thousands of enzymatic and chemical processes taking place in the body. This can make a woman unable to carry on her weight training exercises as efficiently as possible.

For female muscle building, there are specially created creatine supplements for women available in the market. They are different from the regular creatine supplements for men and produce almost no side effects.

Glutamine is very beneficial for women who are into vigorous weight training. Women who are pregnant or are breast-feeding should however avoid this supplement as it can produce brain development problems in an unborn child and even lead to hypoglycemia in newborn babies.

For indulging in and performing strenuous weight training, it’s a must that a woman has strong bones. To keep the bones healthy and well prepared for such workouts, weightlifting supplements for women such as calcium are a must. A woman can either take calcium supplements available in the market or opt for natural sources of calcium such as low-fat dairy products and vegetables like broccoli.

Essential Fatty Acids
Essential fatty acids are naturally found in abundance in plant oil and fish. Some of the benefits of essential fatty acids are – they produce energy, decrease water retention and normalize moods during menstruation, diffuse the oxygen in the bloodstream and aid in the metabolism of “triglycerides”.

Proteins and Carbohydrates
Proteins are perhaps the most important of all nutrients for building muscles. They aid in the growth as well as repair of the muscles. There are numerous meal replacement products available for women to choose from, which have a very high protein ratio and contain considerable amount of carbohydrates too. These are available either as bars or drink mixes, and are extremely rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals. Most meal replacement supplements consist of various types of proteins such as whey, soy, casein and egg white. Women can opt for such supplements to get their protein and carbohydrate requirement fulfilled or they can include muscle building food such as oat fiber, brown rice and wheat flour in their diet.

Although most of these are considered safe, certain supplements which increase the levels of testosterone, may lead to the development of unwanted male characteristics in a woman such as deepening of the voice, increased hair growth on the body, etc. So, before initiating any of these supplements in your diet, consulting a dietitian is recommended.