Waxy Maize


The latest development in the world of bodybuilding is that the consumption of waxy maize supplements eliminates the need for heavy carbohydrate consumption in other forms after a workout. Waxy maize is a post-workout complex carbohydrate that is suggested to body builders and athletes for regular consumption. It is claimed that this supplement does not cause the discomfort that is caused by consuming various other types of carbohydrates such as dextrose.

Waxy maize is extracted from cornstarch. It is called so because when viewed under a microscope, it has a wax-like appearance. This property is only associated with its appearance and has nothing to do with its taste.


Also known as waxy maize starch, this carbohydrate enters the blood stream and is absorbed by the muscles quicker than other types. It’s molecular weight is greater than other carbohydrates such as dextrose and maltodextrin, which allows it to absorb essential nutrients quicker. It gives the body the following benefits:

  • Because waxy maize has a low osmolality, it reaches the muscles sooner than any other, and enables muscle fullness that gives the body a well built appearance.
  • This complex carbohydrate has the ability to absorb other nutrients quicker that gives the body a naturally healthy feeling. Some people have found an increase in skin tightness and texture after consuming it regularly.
  • The nutrients that are lost in the process of working out are quickly delivered to the body upon its consumption after a workout. This means the body is healed quicker from any injuries that may have occurred while working out.
  • Overall, athletes and bodybuilders have found an improvement in their performance while working out, which is why most of the reviews have been found very positive.

A lot of athletes are concerned about the consumption of waxy maize vs. dextrose. The reviews regarding the former are more positive because it does not cause problems such as water retention and bloating, that are known to be caused by the consumption of dextrose. However, it is also true that dextrose is not a bad post workout carbohydrate in any way. While it may perform slightly slower than waxy maize, all these years, it has been the choice for a post-workout drink. The only concern many have with waxy maize is that it is slightly more expensive than dextrose.

Waxy maize should be consumed on its own without adding any other nutrients to the drink. It easily dissolves in water, and should be consumed in an amount that is appropriate to your body’s requirements. To understand what an appropriate amount would be, it is important that you consult a dietitian before you consume it. The reason it is suggested that waxy maize be taken on its own is because consuming it with other products such as creatine, glutamine, etc., will reduce its effectiveness, and the rate at which it is absorbed by the muscles. If you wish to take any other supplements, do so about 15-20 minutes after you have taken this one.

As you can see, most of the reviews of waxy maize have been positive, and it is only after you try it yourself, you will be able to see the difference it can make to your body. A lot of people have been criticizing this relatively new product, but there is no strong basis for this criticism. Most athletes have benefited and simply felt better after consuming it regularly. So try it yourself, and you will figure whether you want to continue taking it or switch back to the good old dextrose.