How to Tone Arms Without Using Weights


Toning arms, without using weights, is entirely possible, with the right exercise routine, consistency, and determination. Toning them, doesn’t have to require heavy weight training and gym instruction. In the days before the advent of the gym and fitness industry, people used to gain well-toned arms, through simple vigorous workout routines at home. You can do the same.

Building muscles this way, takes months of concentrated effort. Those who are looking for quick ways, should look elsewhere. The exercises mentioned here, require a determined effort for a prolonged period of time, before showing any results.

If you do the following exercises, slowly, your arm muscles will be stimulated to grow. You will lose excess flab and the arms will start getting a distinct toned and chiseled shape, as the biceps start getting stronger. Muscles always grow, when consistent work is done, by lifting weights. The trick is in the design of the exercises, which can replace metal weights and make your arms lift your body weight itself.

Exercises to Tone Arms Without Weights

Here is a brief overview of each exercise.

Military pushups are the best exercises to get the upper arms in shape. This one is the toughest and the most effective exercise. Lie face down on the floor or preferably on a mat and then hoist yourself on your hands and toes. Now, keeping your legs and back as straight as possible, dip down towards the floor, bending in the elbows, and lifting yourself up. Repeat as many times as you can, until you reach your pain threshold. Start with 10 reps. This will develop triceps and deltoid muscles.

Arm Circles
This is the simplest exercise of the lot. You can either stand straight or sit in a chair. Keep your arms straight and rotate them clockwise and anticlockwise, in circles. You can carry out 15 – 20 rotations at a time. Then, you can try to rotate one arm clockwise and the other anticlockwise, simultaneously. Repeat this 15 – 20 times. This will develop your biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles.

Ball Toss
For this exercise, you will need a medicine ball or even a basketball will do. Lie on a bench or a floor with a mat. Bend in your knees and place your feet on the floor. Hold the ball in both hands, a little above your chest, toss it, and catch again. This is an enjoyable and simple exercise. It will help in developing your triceps.

Bench Dips
Sit on the edge of a chair or a sturdy bench. Wrap your hands firmly around the edge of the bench. Extend your feet straight in front and anchor them on a firm stand, which is preferably at the same level, as the chair. Then, just lift and lower your body (that is your torso), before hauling it back up. Repeat this as many times as you can (preferably 8 – 10 times).

Bicep Curls
This exercise is also very easy. You can do it while standing and sitting. Keep your elbows, very close to your torso and lift forearms toward the chest. Repeat this as many times as you can.

Out of all the exercises described above, you may choose any three which suit your style. With consistency and determination, you will reap rich benefits.


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