Goals for a Great Workout!


When faced with a bad situation, remember that the reason you faced it was because you probably lacked preparation! Think ahead and set goals. This applies to fitness too. Setting evenly spaced, small goals in your fitness regime can work wonders.

Think Ahead
Before deciding on the kind of exercise routine that you want to follow, it’s important to bear in mind certain factors. These include your stress levels, emotional levels, lifestyle, eating habits, and metabolism. Whether you’re just getting started or building up to a higher level of activity, it’s important to set goals for the coming month, or even for the coming week if you are not comfortable with long term goals.

There are few pointers that we would like to put across.

Some Tips

* Keep a record of the amount of time you spend exercising everyday. On an average, you should put aside 3-4 days in a week to exercise. Workouts should be done for a maximum of 6 days in a week, and a minimum of 4 days in a week. There should be balance between weight training and cardio workouts.

* Writing down the goals for the week in a diary will also help keep you in track. You can tick them off as you have complete them one by one.

* You may choose from walking and light jogging to start with the schedule, if you have just begun exercising, or have gotten back to it after a significant period of time. Remember to stretch and warm up before. Stretching can help you prevent sprains.

* Aim to set bigger goals gradually over the next month. Like Rome wasn’t built in a day, your fat was also not deposited on the wrong parts of your body in a day. It’s quite obvious then that you’ll also lose it at the slow pace, at least initially.

* Get a friend who is a health freak guide you through the workouts, or exercise with one or two friends who workout regularly. They will help you keep focused on your goal, as following a regimen alone can get monotonous and boring on some days.

* Draft the routine in such a way that you work a single muscle group in a day. The week should preferably start with the workout you hate the most. The reason for this is simple; it’s because you are not strong in that area, and hence is the best place to start improving in.

* With each level of exercise, be sure to get to the optimum level. It’s easier to get started, but rather difficult to keep doing it consistently. Increase either the reps, or change the way you exercise. This not only keeps up your zest for perseverance, but also helps to keep you interested in the regimen.

* There will be bad days, and there will be really bad days, where you don’t even want to get out of the house. On such days, don’t push yourself. This may be an indication that your body is fatigued. Rest on such days.

* Always warm up and stretch before you start and cool down afterwards. Cooling your body is as important as warming it up.

* Build up gradually. Check your movements at all times for better form. This will prevent any untoward injuries.

* Stop exercising if you feel pain, dizzy, sick, unwell, or very tired. If the symptoms don’t go away, see your doctor immidiately.


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