Does Force Factor Work?


There is a mad rush, if I should say it frankly, to flex muscles and build a physique like that of body builders. While the desire to stay healthy and own bulging biceps is normal in men, an obsession for the same can have negative implications on the men’s health. Why I need to mention all this is because in the recent years, the health care sector has seen a tremendous rise in the number of vitamin supplements and similar products promising phenomenal results in a very short interval of time. Since gullible teenagers and young men are unable to perceive the truth behind such supplements to boost muscle growth, products claiming drastic results in a relatively short span of time, gain immense popularity. One such product that has been in the news is force factor. The efficacy of force needs serious introspection by considering this product’s origin and what all claims it promises.

Facts About Force Factor
It is a vitamin supplement that has been developed by 2 former Harvard Row Team Champions and it claims to be a legal steroid that helps you put on solid muscle mass without spending many hours in the gym. Here are some facts to consider:

  • First and foremost, it is NOT for everybody and hundreds of expert reviews have stated this fact. The reason being that it’s not like whey protein or creatine supplements.
  • Nitric oxide is one of the main ingredients in it that gives a great boost to increase blood flow. As blood circulation increases, nutrients are absorbed faster and hence muscle building becomes easier.
  • It also contains Arginine AKG, Argenine KIC and L- Arginine Monohydrate. In fact, Arginine, an amino acid found in it helps in muscle synthesis recovery. It further helps in synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) that is essential for proper blood circulation.
  • Many celebrities and sports athletes have been shown to endorse it. Youngsters must not be influenced by such marketing gimmicks as no one is aware if celebrities really use these products.
  • To try it, you’ve got to register for a free trial. Unlike other muscle gaining capsules, this supplement is not sold at any drug store.
  • On the force factor website, it has been compared to other supplements like N.O. Explode, Muscle Milk and Optimum Whey however, that is an unfair comparison as leaving N.O. Explode, rest others are protein drinks and so they must not be compared with force factor. Only supplements like NO Xplode, NO Shotgun, Nano Vapor and SuperPump must be compared with this as they contain N.O oxide.

As I have presented before you all the facts, you must have got an idea about how it works. The truth is that claims of this supplement giving phenomenal results and making you another Arnold is purely a marketing killer. However, as I said earlier, it is NOT for everyone and any Tom, Dick and Harry must not try these supplements. Moreover, building muscle mass can also be achieved through various natural ways. Nevertheless, if you’re someone who has been active in bodybuilding pursuits and haven’t experienced side effects of these supplements, you can, for sure, proceed and try it.

Once you try force factor on your own by properly following all the instructions, you’ll be able to know if it works or it’s just another program that is a waste of money. Self experience is the most ideal way to know efficacy of this product. Moreover, remember that all supplements have some risks, if they’re consumed in inadequate dosages. Some of the side effects associated with it, include stomach cramps or headaches. Hence, be very careful in not taking an overdose of this supplement, if at all, you consume force factor.